This league is run by POOL players, for POOL players and not just as a money making cash cow. With that said we want all of our players to become the very best that they can be.This will make a stronger, fairer and more enjoyable league.

Penn/Ohio United TAP sends more teams per 100 teams and singles to a National Tournament fully funded (FREE) than any other North Western Pa. Pool League

Penn/Ohio United TAP along with TAP National has THREE major national team and singles events every year (Rally In The Valley ) Spring Every year and Tap Nationals Fall every year at new Major Venues across the country and NOW The Penn Ohio Turnpike Shoot Out every january held here in NWPA.

Penn/Ohio United TAP Pays back half of all weekly match fees in cash, awards and trips. Ask that worlds biggest pool league what percentage they pay back . If they say the same tell them to "PROVE IT" We Do.

Of the 3 largest pool leagues in NWPA and NE OHIO. One has NO free trips to a national event. But pays out to all the teams (Sounds like little league). One sends only one team out of over 100 teams free to a national event. (soundslike a rip off) Penn/Ohio United TAP with fewer than 100 teams sends 3 teams FREE to a National event every year (sounds like fair play).

Penn/Ohio United TAP does not make you jump through hoops like (tri-cups) we did away with that. Every session we have the Titleholder championships (No need to wait a whole year to win a trip) With our Best Of The Rest play offs every team has a chance to win it all EVERY session.

Penn/Ohio United TAP Keeps it real ! Real league play win 3 outa 5 matches and you win the night! Real 8 ball! Call your ball and pocket (NO slop) 8 on break counts scratch on 8 or 8 out of turn you lose! Real 9 ball! Call the 9, Make the 9 and win the game,NO ball counting, push out after the break legal! Real 10 ball! Call ball and pocket on every shot (NO slop) Make the 10 Win the game (NO ball counting) push out after the break legal! And YES in TAP Jump Shots and Masse Shots are permitted and ar skilled shots!!! (Don't let anyone tell you otherwise)

Team captains get their first years membership paid in Route 19 TAP. Along with every year TWO Captains win a free trip to a National Event!! Show any other league membership and get a first year discount of $5.00 on your membership.

Also, League reps get free membership and have their weekly shooting fee paid. You can be a league rep; call George Natili for areas at 724-256-3436.

When you play in 2 Penn/Ohio United TAP divisions you get a $1.00 discount on your league match payments.