1. Host location All rules of the host will be observed. Including if a person is banned from that location then they cannot play there. If masse and jump shots not permitted then we don’t do them. Smoking policies will be observed. Age guidelines are stated in the TAP national rules and bar policies will over rule if different. Remember this is their place of business and livelihoods respect all host locations rules.

2. Sportsmanship Un-sportsmanship conduct will not be tolerated! Examples of this are loud excessive profanity, breaking or throwing any equipment, malicious behavior, sandbagging, cheating of any kind, gambling, distracting other player when they are at the table and any unwanted physical conduct. Violations could result in suspension and or expulsion from the league. Striking another player will be cause for expulsion from the league!!!!

3. Board of Governors Penn/Ohio United TAP will be establishing a group of people from all divisions. They will act as a review committee to oversee all violations of the National TAP rules and local bylaws. Their recommendations will be final. The persons involved will have an opportunity to present their side.

4. Team Dues The captain is responsible for collecting and remitting the team dues and score sheets. However the whole team is responsible for the weekly $30.00. Any uncollected dues could result in withholding from any prizes or awards for the entire team. In short team members need to make sure everyone is doing their part in maintaining a viable team. We at Route 19 TAP want to build a strong enjoyable pool league with your help we will.

5. League fees National TAP fees are $20.00 per year. You must pay at least 1 week before you play the first time. Players cannot be entered into the computer database PoolNet handicapping system until membership is paid. Yearly dues must be paid prior to the 18th of the month in which they are due!! Any player not paid by then will be removed from your roster and not permitted to play until dues are paid!!!

6. Discounts Penn/Ohio United TAP will pay the first year national TAP membership fee for all new team captains. Penn/Ohio United TAP will pay yearly national TAP membership fees and partial weekly league fees for all area division reps. Route 19 TAP will give a $5.00 one time discount on national TAP membership to any player that shows membership in any other national pool league.(NEW Teams captain must have over 50% new players)

7. Penn/Ohio United TAP Reserves the right to alter and change the bylaws at any time based on improving the league for all players. For general rules visit the national TAP Pool League www.tapleague.com

8. Start time: The first match will start at 7:00 PM. Or sooner if agreed on by both captains!

9. Adding players: A player may be added to a team at any time up till the last 6 weeks of league play. A player may be added after that deadline with division rep. approval and review by the league operator. (certain circumstances may permit addition of one or more players in the final 5 weeks)

10. Forfeits: At no time may a team take 5 forfeits in one night of league play!! Every attempt to rescheduled the scheduled match in the following 2 weeks must be made and a mutually agreed on date setup! If there is no resolution then a 3/2 bye will be awarded to the team that showed up and no league fees are due. Any further matches by the forfeiting team (if they drop out) will also be 3/2 byes. Unless the division has a bye in the schedule then the teams with byes will play each other for the remainder of the session. NOTE ALL forfeits by both teams involved MUST be paid for no matter what! No team will be required to reschedule a match based on another leagues event.

11. Ghost Rule: You joined this league to play pool! TAP LLC. Allows league operators to permit the 2 play rule. In order to avoid forfeits Penn/Ohio United TAP believes this option helps build a stronger league and allows players to play twice in one night of league play. How does this work? If you as captain show up with the minimum of 5 players and your opponent has 4 or less players. You have the option of allowing the other team to ghost one or more players. You do have the right to take the forfeits. If you choose to allow the ghost rule the opposing players must remain at the location until you choose which one of them has to play a second time. You may not allow one of your players to play twice unless both teams are short players then the opposing captain chooses your player.

12. The 25 Handicap Rule: All teams must play by this rule see TAP LLC. Rule book however if you do not call the rule violation at the start of the last match then the match stands! A team may go over the 25 rule if BOTH captains agree and division rep. or league operator is notified prior to the end of the match.

13. Higher Level Tournament Qualifications: You must have fulfilled all requirements in the TAP National handbook and be active on a team roster through all sessions up to and including the session the tournament is played including the division Best Of The Rest playoffs.

14.Time Outs: Two time outs per game will be allowed for 3 handicaps and below everyone else will have one only! 15. 2/7’s RULE: Since TAP Instituted this rule at all national events. We will adhere to it for weekly play. You may have 2/7’s on a roster however only one may shoot in a rotation.

We at Penn-Ohio United TAP want to build a strong enjoyable pool league. With your help, we will!